10 Fascinating Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Christmas is around the corner! The Advent season is just the right time for glittering and festive-looking nails. If you also want to adjust your nails to the best time of the year, take a look to the list of 10 beautiful nails design ideas for you.

3D Candy Cane Christmas Nailart


First, we have this 3D candy cane nail idea. This nail design looks very sweet and festive. It shouldn’t be tough to do the same nail art design at home. You need a candy cane nail, a few colorful drops and glitter gel, and a bit passion.

10 Litte Snowmen

A Christmas list without a Snowman wouldn’t be a complete list. To make these little cute Snowmen, you have to begin with white and after that, draw the drops with dark nail polish and mix your favorite colors for the scarf.


Here is a mix of almost all parts of an excellent Christmass. Christmas Trees, ornaments, snowflakes and RED. You can wear these nails for the whole Christmas season. You can also draw Rudolph(Santas deer) on one of your fingers.


The Holly nail art design is like a super card in a card game. You can go to a party or join the Christmas Eve dinner or even go to work with them. To make the design at home requires a bit practice but it will be worth it. Tipp: Don’t paint more than two nails with the holly design.

Christmas Nail Design with Rudolph

As already mentioned before Rudolph is a must for Christmas Nails. One nail has the cute dear on it, and the rest have different designs. It represents the chaotic way of Christmas.


Christmas wreaths are not only door decorations, but you also bring them on your nails. It is simple to draw them and the best part they are also looking great in various colors.

That nail design is an example of another allrounder, which suits almost all events. One nail has the snowflake pattern and one the silver glitter. The rest have the color of Christmas.


That is the second candy cane design in our collection. If you liked the first one too, that nail design is definitely what you’re looking for. Just draw silver (you can also try green) lines on red, and you have very delicious looking nails:).

Lets Party with that Nail art

I can not imagine a better look for nails for a Christmas party. That nail art is rocking. To do these glittering nails with two pretty Christmas trees, you need a glitter nail polish and a steady hand to draw the lines on the trees. I promise it worths.

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